Rima Salotti


The trademark Rima Salotti was founded in 1992 has manufacturer of removable upholstery both in fabric and leather; in 2008 the trademark became Rima Sofa & Beds.
The aim, since the beginning, has been to create models in pace with market needs keeping the original mark of the brand: Quality, Services, Convenience. We produce classic and modern sofas with the possibility of the insertion of the bed, transformable sofas, design sofas, upholstered beds and complements.


Our valors are our soul: we find them in every action we do, they are the center of our job and they are our flag. They are our deepest beliefs. Each one of us is called to live them, promote them, and respect them. All together they define our company and the kind of people we are.
Respect of person | Respect of work | Respect of time | Commitment and professionalism


Dynamic and young company Rima Sofa & Beds is careful to the needs of market
proposing models realized with quality materials, selected for us from partner with proven experience and reliability.
Ours is an industrial reality flexible and modern conjugated to the ability of the local artisan tradition: the perfect union to guarantee the satisfaction of whoever buys a Rima Sofa & Beds product.

“Enjoy your sofa, enjoy your bed, enjoy your house.”

A Rima Sofa & Beds product is to enjoy thanks to its comfort, quality and design. A Rima Sofa & Beds product makes home living thanks to practical solutions and it’s able to answer to several needs. A Rima Sofa & Beds product is a coffer that contains Quality, Service, Innovation