The quality of a removable sofa branded “Rima Sofa & Beds”

We want to remark the quality of our product through the cure of particulars. To search, industrialize, innovate, check: these are the verbs that we conjugate daily to offer a long lasting Quality and the taste of comfort during relaxing moment.

The stem
The stems Are realized in solid wood, chipboard or multilayer. Their finishing is realized with different density gum coated with poliuretan together with fabric. The springing is realized with a polypropylene strap with natural latex and metallic springs.

Sitting upholstery
The sitting upholstery is realized in high resistance poliuretan, with different density and high elastic coefficient with finishing that can be in feather, in layer or in acrylic fibre.

Back upholstery
Back upholstery are realized in poliuretan, feather or in polyester staple.

Wood lining
The majority of our models are removable to ensure a best use of the product, a bog part of the models have stitching: our store are able to give you all information for the ideal treatment for the coating. There are thousand of other possibility to dress sofas and beds Rima Sofas & Beds: technical fabrics micro fibres, linen and cotton, leather to give you the possibility of choosing “exactly what I was looking for”.

We are sure that we can guarantee the customer satisfaction not only needful
quality but even with an adequate service before and after the purchase.


We create quality products entirely Made in Italy

We support you choosing the product and guarantee the valorisation of spaces

We customize the product to respond to the idea of furnishing

Personalizziamo il prodotto per rispondere all’esigenza d’arredare

We distribute our products widespread and with short delivery times

We provide after sales support and tips for the maintenance of the product